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I became a Christian as a child, but with a very limited understanding of what it all meant. My spiritual growth didn’t really begin until I was in my late teens and early twenties, when I started reading a lot of inspirational books. I also began listening to the preaching of Dr. Adrian Rogers, a minister very deep into the Bible and a truly gifted speaker.


A desire began to grow to write something inspirational. I’ve always loved to read and write fiction, and I believed that my faith could be shared by inserting it into the lives of fictional characters. I wanted to present truths from the Bible in a way that is entertaining and interesting and draws the reader in.


Woman of Sin was actually begun in the late 1970’s. It went through several major re-writes up until 2010, when it was distributed in digital format at online bookstores. After it was accepted by Innovo in 2014 for publication it went through a few more revisions, so I can

honestly say that more than half my life has

 been spent working, at various times, on that book! I might add, it was rejected for publication more times than I can count. In 1982 it looked like it was going to make it with a major publisher, but the final decision was no and it should be cut by half. (Instead I made it longer.)


Man of God was begun in 2011. I was going through some difficult times, which I think added to the poignancy of this novel. Also, I was influenced by the teaching of several “men of God” during its writing, and I’ve given credit to them in the “acknowledgements” section of the books. There were others—I couldn’t name them all without making it pages and pages. These, however, were the most influential.


Child of the King was written while I was pretty much house-ridden with a severely injured foot and lower leg. I hobbled on crutches and managed to get myself back and forth to work. (Reluctantly I admit that it happened as a misstep in my own house—





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