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What people are saying about "Man of God"...

The author takes the reader to a new level of intimacy with the characters…the love of Christ shines brightly through this novel and will grip your soul! Truly an epic journey of the Christian faith. Beautifully and masterfully written…this novel is a mini-series in the making.


It shakes the Christian reader, maybe even the non-Christian, to the soul.


God can change anyone's life if we just allow Him to do so. This book was a good example of that and to remember to always put our trust in Him.


I read this and Woman of Sin twice and still cried, laughed, and felt joy over the strength of these characters. Debra Diaz is a truly gifted author. Thank you for writing Christian fiction.


An uplifting read of faithfulness that both inspires and entertains. Thank you, Debra, for a historical fiction worth reading and sharing!


I couldn't put it down and have read her other books as well which are just as well done! Refreshingly realistic, entertaining and educational.


Once again Ms. Diaz has portrayed 1st Century Christians with great drama and feeling. I don't know if I would have been as brave as the characters she invites us to follow.

I pray that I would have this kind of faith if push came to shove...It is a wonderful love story.


I loved this even more than the first book and I really loved that one. Absolutely an amazing job by Debra Diaz. Can't wait to read the third.


It made me feel as though I was right there with each of the characters and could feel what they were feeling and what they were going through. I would recommend this book to anyone, Christian or unbeliever.


It is hard in an intensely emotional way to read, and it shakes the Christian reader, maybe even the non-Christian, to the soul.


This is a remarkable and beautiful story. I'll never forget this one.


Man of God and it's prequel, Woman of Sin, are beautifully written, entertaining novels that interweave Scripture and truth masterfully. It is so heartening to read an author who values God's Word enough not to alter and pervert it to fit a story, but to create a story around His truth. I hope that Ms. Diaz writes many more such books, because they are not only a pleasure to read, but they also lift your heart and provide believers the opportunity to better understand the context of the Early Church and consider how we ourselves would have responded had we been there.





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