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This book blew me away with the breadth and magnitude of what the author took on. I hardly have words but will try. My father actually called to recommend it to me saying he could not put it down…Brilliant and my deepest thanks for such a book. I gave you a link and recommend on my blog, I loved it so much. I loved this book and could not put it down. This is my 3rd Debra Diaz book and I intend to read all of her others. A very well written story.


You become part of the story. Part of the family. The author carries you with characters to Calvary and beyond.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the other two books in this trilogy. They are well-written and true to the Scriptures. This historical novel just got better as it went along. Well written, entertaining - I didn't want to put it down - and it explained the story of the Gospel beautifully.

Author Debra Diaz elegantly and beautifully weaves an unforgettable story…Filled with suspense and romance, this novel will…lead you on a journey that is so real you will not want it to end. A true masterpiece!


It is a great book and Diaz is a very good fiction writer. She has eloquently captured the life and politics of first-century Jerusalem and the Empire, and has spun a terrific story around one of the Bible’s most mysterious characters.


Personal and compelling, very solidly based on Biblical events and history.


I am a hospice nurse and sit with people who are dying…your book has changed my life. It is the best book I have ever read!


I really like Biblical fiction and this author produces some of the best.


I loved this book and could not put it down….A very well-written story.

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